Welcome to the UKnow4kids live DVD

Here, you can learn about the UKnow4Kids Live DVD, a Linux distribution compiling educational and gaming software for children 2- to 10-years-old.  The distribution is intended for broad usage by a non-technical audience (regular parents).  Because UKnow4Kids runs as a "live DVD," no installation or configuration is required, it is essentially indestructible for children's use, and it is impossible for the hard drive of the host PC to be affected when the live DVD is running.  UKnow4Kids also runs well on old Intel hardware, so it should run fine on a Pentium II with 256 MB RAM (that's what my kid uses) or better.  UKnow4Kids provides a familiar Windows-like/Mac-like user experience, requiring only minimal computer experience to run.  To give you a headstart, UKnow4Kids automatically loads the premiere educational application for young children, Gcompris.

UKnow4Kids can be used by a child alone or in partnership with the caregiver.

UKnow4Kids is based on the most excellent distribution, Arch Linux.

Download Uknow4Kids

          Including how to burn the ISO image to a DVD              and run the live DVD
          Get the ISO image of UKnow4Kids. This link               activates a SourceForge window from which               you can download the image.  An image for use           with a USB key is planned for release in
          Spring 2010.

          Current version: 2010.1.1        
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